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HEAR our 5-star reviews

When you are looking for a renovation company that you can feel confident investing in, your priority may be getting a great value. That means a high quality service for a competitive price. But how do you know which renovation company in Phoenix consistently produces happy customers?

Of course, there are a lot of contractors around Phoenix with a few 5-star reviews. However, do you know many of them also have quite a few reviews that are not so good?

Below, you can read several testimonials about why these homeowners near or in Phoenix strongly recommend that you hire our contractor. Several mention other renovation companies in Phoenix when they mention why they favor our contractor. The first one even has real audio segments from an unscripted interview.

This older gentlemen east of Phoenix was very excited to share about the quality of the renovations provided by Dane and Ryan.

Q: When somebody knows that they need help.... but they don't know which companies are good and which ones are brand new and which ones have a bad reputation, you can actually speak...

A: "Give them my name and phone number. I'd be glad to help out if they'd like to call me and ask me about them!"

Q: If somebody did say that they had even a question, would you recommend that they contact Ryan and Dane?

A: "Oh, you better believe it! I've got some [business] cards I'm going to put on the bulletin board... It's a good outfit as far as ... far as I'm concerned!"

As background, he had hired our contractor after discovering "a major problem with the foundation of my house. It was basically cracking. My insurance agent gave me this company's business card. The guy that's the head of maintenance where I live, he told me about these people, too. There's a lot of people here at Leisure World, my retirement community in Mesa, that they already did work for. So, I talked to about 4 or 5 different people that have hired these people. I would recommend them for anybody!"

This next homeowner near had been given the contact information for another company to do the needed work on her home. You can hear a brief summary of about 40 seconds concerning why she so strongly recommends our renovation contractor in Phoenix instead. (Click the triangle to play the audio.)

As a brief background, she hired the other company for some initial emergency repairs and there was a lot left to be done. However, the more that she talked with them, the more stressed she felt about how the interactions were going.

"In short, that did not go well. My husband and I decided to slow down and find another company to do the work.

Soon, we met with Dane. My husband and I were immediately so much more comfortable with Dane's professionalism and attention to detail. We were so glad to have Dane as our ally for everything. I wish we had contacted him first!"

Here is a similar one: the first company that they hired "had done negligent work... Fortunately, we found Dane's company and I was seriously impressed by the quality of service that Dane provides."

"We needed some urgent construction work done on our garage and the bedroom above it. We called our insurance agent, who sent us to a company that I soon learned was not insured or properly licensed for the work we needed. The agent had never checked on that and was just as surprised as my wife and I were!

Unfortunately, the first company had done negligent work, which led to an electrical problem and then more complications with the insurance coverage. Fortunately, we found Dane's company and not only did his crew repair everything that the first company had done wrong, but we ended up hiring them to replace much more than that. We were seriously impressed.

They replaced our carpet and a bunch of walls and a ceiling. He was able to take good care of us. He even helped us get the most out of our insurance coverage. Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised and, like I said, seriously impressed by the quality of service that Dane provides. "

More 5-star reviews

Robyn M.
Florence, AZ

2016 (transcript of her audio interview)
We needed our flooring replaced and our kitchen renovated. So I called a company that showed up at the top of the online yellow pages. They came out and we hired them to start the work. The first day that the workers were here, when they left, they left cigarette butts all over my front yard.

I was not super impressed with them. They were basically a bunch of college boys (kind of on theparty side)!

So my husband already knew Dane from church. We invited him to come meet us in our home and talk to us about what we needed.

The first thing that I noticed about Dane was he was very cheerful and he's got a great... aura about him, so immediately it made me feel less stress. So, he took a very stressful situation and he broke it down so I understood the process and the steps, so there weren't any surprises. I felt confident that the job was being done thoroughly and properly.

It was a HUGE headache off of my shoulders! Yeah, I have just really appreciated all the attention and the extra effort that Dane has put in. Sorry, I'm gonna cry. I love Dane. (laughing) I don't ever give anyone a ten- ever! [laughing] But I would give these guys a ten.
Rosemary M.
Paradise Valley, Arizona

They are master remodelers. They designed on their own and did an awesome job. 1 & 1/2 years later after the renovations, we are still satisfied and will contract them to do additional work.

Donna H.
San Tan Valley, AZ

All work through this company was 'TOP NOTCH' Workmanship was very professional - quality of products 'EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS'. The workers were tidy and very knowledgeable. THEY AIM TO PLEASE.....

Mike G.
Gilbert, AZ

They did a fantastic job. They were quick and professional, the entire time. They did the job right, which is exactly what we wanted. Definately felt they were honest, and did all they could to make sure we were happy with the work. Highly recommend them for any work you may need done. AAA+

Adam B.
Mesa, AZ

Great service! They came out to our house and replaced our damaged flooring. Great people that you can trust.

Sharon B.
Scottsdale, AZ

Ryan returned our call very promptly and sent out Mike, who completed some quick repairs to the attic of our garage. We are ready to use this contractor again for different services, and will highly recommend them to friends and neighbors.

Joel B.
San Tan Valley, AZ

I had crown molding done at my house for my living room, family room, kitchen, and entry way. It was a job several contractors in Arizona did not want to do because of the 19 ft. ceiling in my living room. Fortunately, this general contractor was able to come to my house and install the crown molding in less than a week. The result was phenomenal. All of my friends and family were very impressed with the work this company had done. I would recommend them for crown molding in any home.
Josh B.
Surprise, AZ

I was impressed by the professionalism. Very friendly and most of all: the most affordable that I found in the valley. Will definitely recommend to others and use again for my future needs.

Even more reviews

"We have an older home and were planning to renovate it to update it and convert the dark garage to a bright Arizona room. I talked to reps from a few companies here, but only this one was tuning in to exactly what I actually wanted. What a relief that someone finally really listened! I felt immediately comfortable from the very first phone call."

These renovation contractors in AZ really listened to what I wanted. They are the best!

"His numbers were very different from what my realtor friends were all telling me. However, everything worked out just like he said it would. I was quite impressed with the entire renovation. I'm grateful that these guys really know what they are doing. The service was excellent and everyone with this construction company was very professional."

My roof was damaged by a hail storm in Phoenix AZ, so I called this RESTORATION company & got a replacement roof paid for almost entirely by my insurance coverage.

"We were skeptical that they would be able to finish as fast as they said, but... they sure did. This was a complete home renovation, so it was a big job! We all love our newly remodeled home (from the huge family room to the much more modern bathrooms and kitchen). Also, this contractor is how we heard about the special FHA program (the 203K loan) to finance the renovation, which was a huge relief!"

These remodeling contractors in Phoenix AZ really listened to what I wanted. They are the best!

"After some hail storm damage, I got a bid from a big roofing company in Phoenix for repairs (and I was prepared to pay that entire amount out-of-pocket), but then my aunt told me to call this contractor for an estimate. In short, he arranged for me to get my entire roof replaced & the insurance company paid for that plus for restoring the attic and replacing the water-stained ceilings."

My roof was damaged by a hail storm in Phoenix AZ, so I called this renovation company & got a replacement roof paid for almost entirely by my insurance coverage.

Here are some of the topics covered below:

"Who is the best renovation contractor for me in AZ?"

"How many estimates should I get for my renovation in AZ?"

"How accurate are your renovation estimates?"

"My home had flooding or water damage. How fast should I get an estimate?"

"How often should I get my roof inspected in ?"

Renovating in Arizona? Set up an estimate for your renovations today!

If you are in or a nearby part of Arizona, we are looking forward to speaking with you today. We will quickly give you the information that you need to choose if you will hire our renovation contractors in .

Also, just below is a gallery of renovation photos (and, to see all the photos, press down on a photo while sliding your finger to the left). Below that is a list of (FAQs) Frequently-Asked Questions with answers. Finally, remember to look at the very top left of your screen to click the contact link and reach us today.

"Who is the best renovation contractor for me in AZ?"

We are confident that you can find cheaper, slower, and less skilled contractors in Phoenix. You can even find renovation contractors that are faster than our team, but perhaps at the expense of caution and quality.

We know how insurance company specialists would remodel their own home. We know why. (To learn more about our extensive personal experience with insurance company adjusters, read more about us by clicking here: the best remodeling contractors in ) We are the experts at performing the highest quality work, plus we charge rates that most people find to be an exceptionally good value.

One issue that can be a drawback for people who are in a rush is that, for major remodeling projects in , we may not be available as fast as you would prefer. Our availability can fluctuate considerably, especially if our construction crews get extremely busy during monsoon season with a lot of hail storms or flooding. Again, when you contact us, we will be totally honest with you as to how soon we can begin your renovation. Fortunately, our crews are very fast (because of superior skill and planning), so our efficiency can balance out the fact that we may only be available a week or two later than contractors who are not as busy (who are not in as much demand). Contact us now to find out about our current availability for your remodeling project in greater Phoenix.

"How many estimates should I get for my renovation in AZ?"

We respect that you have many choices about who to hire to do your remodeling service in . Just as we do not just automatically hire the first applicant when we are expanding our construction team, we do not expect you to just hire the first renovation company that you find. If you are selective, then you will target only hiring a company that you respect and trust. Now that you have found us, that may be very easy!

We recommend that, if you are not in a rush, you get enough bids that you are distinctly comfortable with at least two of the renovation contractors providing you an estimate or bid in . (Further, we recommend that if you are in a rush, you slow down!) Then, once you are comfortable with at least two estimators, you can show both of those estimators the estimate from the other renovation company and ask them to explain the differences in the two estimates. That is exactly what we would do if we were you.

Especially for a major remodel or restoration in AZ, we think that the extra caution and selectiveness will be worth the time that you will put in to it. We are confident that when you give us the chance, we will earn your confidence, earn your business, and, when we complete your remodel, earn your highest recommendation to others.

"How accurate are your estimates for renovation & remodeling?"

When our renovation specialist meets you in to provide an estimate, he will discuss your priorities for your renovation project and then inspect the current condition of the building. The estimate provided will be as accurate as possible, including a customized quote relating to the specific materials that you select. Plus, in addition to the issue of custom building materials, note that some services are simply easier or harder to estimate than others.

For instance, occasionally, there can be problems hidden from view, such as from moisture or mold behind drywall or termites. From decades of renovation experience, our estimators know what to look for and will take the time to give you a realistic estimate for your renovations. If you know of any possible issues with the building that you think MIGHT be important to mention, please ask our estimator about those concerns.

Also, in some cases, we offer supplemental services beyond what would be covered in a free inspection. That can include thorough testing for mold and moisture (from slow leaks from a bathroom or even flooding from pipes that burst years before you occupied the building in ).

As noted above, the building materials that you select can also influence the total of your renovation estimate (and you can modify your selection at any time prior to ordering service). Many home improvements will use standard materials, which will make it easier for the estimator to provide a more precise bid (and for you to compare one generic bid to another generic bid). However, if the job includes a lot of customized materials, like installing a new cabinets or a countertop in the kitchen, then the materials cost will depend greatly on your preferences.

"My home in had flooding or water damage. How fast should I get a repair estimate?"

With water damage restoration, you should act very quickly. Because mold can start to become a serious issue within just 2 days of the initial water damage, you not only want to have the inspection completed prior to that, but have the restoration work already in progress. in contrast to many other less urgent renovation services, we recommend that if you are totally comfortable with the emergency restoration estimate you get from us, then hire us immediately. Since your insurance company is probably paying for the renovations, it can also be reassuring to contact them and get the opinion of their specialists (who should also have plenty of expertise in how fast water damage needs to be inspected, detected, and repaired).

"How often should I get my roof inspected in ?"

Whenever there is a hail storm in your neighborhood in , it makes sense to quickly request a free roof inspection. If there is any damage that needs to be repaired, why not find out fast so that there is no chance of your warranty coverage expiring? So, if you suspect that your roof MIGHT have been damaged, then of course you should get your roof inspected... since it is free!

However, did you know that your roof in should be inspected regularly even if you are not aware of possible damage from a hail storm? For "snowbirds" who only live here during the cooler parts of the year, they may be unaware of the beating that their roof takes every summer from the scorching heat, the occasional hailstorm, and the dusty winds of the monsoon season.

Many first time home-buyers in Arizona might not realize yet that, unless your home was just built, it may have a warranty on the roof that is approaching expiration. You definitely want to get your roof inspected prior to the end of that warranty. If you do not know how long is left in your warranty, contact us and we will help you get the relevant information quickly.

When your roof in is still covered under the materials warranty, then your home insurance company may be much more eager to authorize repairs (because they will actually pass the cost on to the warranty provider). If the repairs needed are serious enough, you may qualify to get your entire roof replaced through your insurance policy. Since making a claim does not alter the rate on your home insurance premium (unlike with car insurance), you might as well let us document the condition of your roof and then make the request for you to get a new roof at little or no cost to you.

So, depending on the exact materials of your roofing, we generally recommend taking the precaution of an inspection when your roof is about 10 years old. If you have asphalt shingle roofing in , you may want to request an inspection every single year after the tenth year. Asphalt singles do not last as long in the desert area of Phoenix as in most of the US. So, some good news is that roof warranties that are based on nationwide averages will typically cover your roof long after your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Insurance companies know that, but you may have never heard of that detail, especially if this will be your first roof replacement in , Arizona.

Contact us today to request your free roof inspection in . We have some additional information (about our roofing services and the unique issues of roofs in Arizona) on this page: Arizona's best roofing contractors.