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Planning a garage conversion in AZ?

Most people who use the term "garage conversion" are planning to remodel their existing garage (or carport) for some other use. Or, if you are simply planning to enclose your carport to convert it TO a garage, click carport conversion in AZ.

Like with any remodeling projects, all garage conversions are unique. Below is a short sets of questions for you to tell us about your priorities and plans. (Before that is a section detailing an option that might not be familiar to you: full conversions compared to partial conversions.)

Full garage conversions: $$-$$$$

Most standard conversions involve totally removing the garage doors. The existing garage will be fully converted in to one or more new rooms with four walls, full ventilation, regular interior flooring, etc.... (The space can no longer be used for parking cars.)

Partial garage conversions: $-$$$

Rather than building a wall where your garage doors are now, we can also perform a partial conversion that adds a huge amount of natural light without blocking the ability to store a vehicle in the garage. There are several reasons people may prefer this option, including shorter time to completion and lower total cost. Partial conversions often cost less than $10,000 while full conversions often cost more than $20,000 (and sometimes much more than that).

For a partial garage conversion, one of the primary issues is to convert the garage door in to a source of natural light. That can involve "window walls" (as in extra-large "French doors") that can open in a variety of ways: from swinging open outward to sliding open "accordion-style" to standard overhead lifts (with motors to raise the doors).

As for flooring, instead of putting in full interior flooring like in a standard garage conversion, some garage remodels begin just by painting or texturing the concrete. Simply adding some large area rugs or faux wood overlays can make the space look a lot less like a garage and more like an office or living room.

Furniture can easily be removed from the space so that it can be "converted" back in to a garage in a matter of minutes. Partial conversions are most common for home offices and living rooms. For some examples of how to add lots of natural light in a partial conversion, click the images on the bottom right to see them full-size.

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