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The huge value of preventing leaks in Scottsdale

Are you in Scottsdale, Arizona and need us to help you by preventing the most common sources of a water leak in your home or building? Many of our water damage restoration clients are surprised to learn how easy and inexpensive it is to have us do an annual replacement of the parts that most often fail (which can cause interior water leaks and flooding, water damage, and even mold contamination). You can even schedule a roof inspection at the same time to prevent storm damage leaks from above.

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Most people know to have the oil changed in their car regularly, right? People also know that it is a wise precaution to have various dental and medical check-ups done regularly, right?

Think of an annual inspection of your home (including the plumbing) as fundamental to preserving the integrity of the structure. Further, in the case of preventing or quickly detecting mold contamination, think of our annual maintenance plan as an essential investment in the health of your family in Scottsdale AZ.

(Note that the article below focuses on routine annual maintenance of your interior plumbing. If you are mostly concerned about leaks from your roof, then you can request that alone or even have a roof inspection conducted at the same time. For information on roof inspections, click why regular inspections of your roof are essential.)

Be aware that to preserve full coverage on warranties, annual maintenance may be required

For instance, with hot water heaters, they need to be drained every single year. If you neglect to drain it every year, then your eight-year warranty could be voided after just 365 days.

When you have our plumbing staff perform an annual inspection, that includes replacing all of the parts that are the most common sources of water damage leaks. You can even request for us to use infrared thermal cameras to check for moisture intrusions (which are invisible to the naked eye).

Prevention and early detection of leaks can save you a lot of time and money

The reality is that, eventually, there will probably be some kind of leak in your home Scottsdale AZ. It could be a disintegrated washer on plumbing in your washing machine. It could be from a hail stone puncturing a single roof shingle that leads to a drip in to your attic. It could even be a crack in the seal of the frame of a window or door.

There are many sources of water damage. If they are detected early, then the repairs can be minor and fast. If the leaks are not detected quickly, then they can cause wood to rot and the need for major re-building of the infrastructure of the home, such as replacing your walls and floors. Leaks can also cause mold contamination that will effect the health of everyone who spends any time in that building (and result in the need for extensive remodeling by mold remediation contractors Scottsdale AZ who know how to contain the mold so that spores are not spread during the renovations).

What will be included in your annual plumbing inspection service?

We recommend to everyone Scottsdale AZ that, every single year, you invest in having a competent plumber come in to your home or commercial building to replace the most common sources of leaks. The plumber should replace all of the shut-off valves (“angle stops”) plus all of the supply lines to kitchen and bathroom plumbing (faucets, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and of course the water line to the refrigerator and ice maker). This will avoid the most common sources of water damage leaks.

Precautions relating to the “hard water” of Scottsdale AZ

Be aware that you may have very “hard” water in Scottsdale Arizona. It has a lot of minerals in it that will quickly wear out standard plumbing parts.

Even with a water softener constantly reducing the wear and tear on those plumbing parts, we still see parts wearing out within just a few years. Five years can go by and someone never has an leak emergency, but then when they do have an emergency repair issue, if the valve does not work, the flooding will be that much worse before the flow of water can even be stopped.

Replacing those few key inexpensive parts every couple of years can save you a lot of trouble. Especially when a plastic water line bursts and is spraying water everywhere, you want to be able to quickly stop the flow of water.

We think of measuring water damage not in gallons, but centimeters

We are not just talking here about a few extra gallons of water in your yard getting wasted and flowing in to the street. We are talking about a flood of water polling up inside of your house.

Specifically, we are talking about things like centimeters of water inside of your kitchen cabinets. Maybe you do not store anything more valuable than few recipe books in there, but if the water cannot be promptly shut off, then a few extra gallons of water in an enclosed wooden cabinet can raise the water level by several centimeters. Those extra centimeters of water will do more than ruin the pages of your recipe books.

Those are extra gallons of water that our emergency restoration contractors in Scottsdale AZ will need to remove from the cabinets and the walls and even from underneath your flooring. Maybe we can still extract the water and dry everything out without needing to replace half of your kitchen or big sections of carpet. However, we cannot reverse water damage once it is done!

Contact us today about what preventive steps are most relevant to you.

We are eager to educate you to take the precautions that will prevent a repair emergency from major water damage. Please contact us about the value to you of our annual inspection service. If you need to spread it out to every 18 months or 24 months, that can still save you an enormous amount of trouble and time.

In conclusion, we recommend that owners of all buildings in Scottsdale AZ, including landlords, invest in an annual plumbing inspection. To request that we schedule an initial inspection or regular annual inspections, contact us today by using the form on the bottom left.

"I talked to reps from a few companies here in Mesa, but only this one was tuning in to exactly what I actually wanted. What a relief that someone finally really listened! I felt immediately comfortable from the very first phone call."

These remodeling contractors in Mesa AZ really listened to what I wanted. They are the best!

"We were skeptical that they would be able to finish the restoration service as fast as they said, but... they sure did. We are really pleased that what they were able to make the repairs in such a way that everything goes together so well."

These remodeling contractors in Phoenix AZ really listened to what I wanted. They are the best!

"After some hail storm damage, I got a bid from a big roofing contractor in Phoenix to repair my roof (and I was prepared to pay that entire amount out-of-pocket), but then my son-in-law told me to call here for a restoration estimate. In short, he arranged for me to get my entire roof replaced (with a totally brand new roof) & the insurance company paid for it. WOW!"

My roof was damaged by a hail storm in Phoenix AZ, so I called this RESTORATION company & got a replacement roof paid for almost entirely by my insurance coverage.

"His numbers were very different from what my friends in Scottsdale were all telling me. However, everything worked out just like he said it would. I was quite impressed. The service was excellent and the company was very professional."

My roof was damaged by a hail storm in Phoenix AZ, so I called this RESTORATION company & got a replacement roof paid for almost entirely by my insurance coverage.

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In addition to emergency roof repairs and emergency damage restoration services in Scottsdale AZ,
we also provide many other services. To see a full list, click services in AZ.

Emergency restoration services in AZ: Flood damage, smoke damage, & more

For instance, we offer Phoenix emergency restoration services to repair damage caused by fire, water, mold, and wind. Fire damage can be the most extensive and obvious, including the lasting scent of smoke. Water damage can also be extensive, but is not always as obvious. After a storm or leak, The moisture can accumulate rapidly and then suddenly overflow and flood into the ceiling, walls, and floors. Or, if the water is leaking very slowly, then there can be serious problems with mold within a few days.

Hail storm damage repair for roofs in Scottsdale AZ

Finally, if there have been heavy winds or a hailstorm recently and you are concerned about damage to the roof of your home in AZ, then we recommend that you contact us immediately. We can assess the damage to your roof and also review your insurance coverage and even warranty coverage. Many roofs come with long periods of warranty coverage which can save you the money that you would otherwise pay out-of-pocket for an insurance deductible when we repair or replace your roof for you in greater Phoenix.

Mold damage inspections & remediation in Scottsdale AZ

Mold damage can be difficult for the average homeowner in Scottsdale AZ to recognize, so our inspection specialists come equipped to make precise tests and measurements. Your homeowner's insurance will cover some types of mold damage, such as from a burst pipes. If there has been water damage to your home or building in Scottsdale AZ within the last few days, then it is extremely important for you to contact us immediately so that we can prevent the added complication of mold contamination (and the need for extensive remediation services).