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You can get bids from up to 3 licensed contractors through our site. If urgency or cost will be the biggest factor in who you hire, then click one of the first two options below. Otherwise, click the third one.

1) URGENCY: "I am eager to have my new garage ready to use very soon."

2) COST: "The dominant factor in who I hire to build my garage will probably be whoever is cheapest."

3) COMPATIBILITY: "After I talk to a few contractors, I will be able to tell who is best for me!"

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1) URGENCY: "I am eager to have my new garage ready to use very soon."

We often receive calls from people who recently bought a home in greater Phoenix and are eager or even desperate for the added security and convenience of an enclosed garage. If that sounds like you, or you have some other situation in which the dominant factor in who you select will be speed of completion (like by a firm deadline), that is perfect. We will get you on the phone fast with a licensed garage construction specialist (who can promptly discuss their schedule availability with you). If relevant, the contractor can even submit a building permit application for you.

As background, we use a few garage construction contractors in Phoenix who all have experience building garages plus great reputations (as well licenses, insurance bonds, etc). Naturally, among those contractors, the local contractor who is the least expensive frequently gets a backlog of renovation projects (and his prices are low because of the small size of his crew and very low "overhead" expenses). However, if that contractor is not available fast enough for you (or you just value speaking with a few construction companies about building your new garage in Phoenix) you will be relieved to know that we work with a few other licensed contractors who are usually available more quickly and will build garages across a large amount of greater Phoenix.

Since those construction companies all have a larger staff, that means that an estimator will be almost always available to meet very soon. Plus, their extra manpower is why they have a record of rapidly and smoothly finishing all of their garage construction projects (including yours).

If you are only likely to hire a contractor that promises to complete the construction of your new garage very soon, click here.

2) COST: "The dominant factor in who I hire to build my garage will probably be whoever is cheapest."

A lot of people that contact us are shopping around for the lowest price. We respect that concern, so we are pleased to inform you that we have the perfect solution for that situation. One of our most popular contractors in Phoenix is so efficient at building a typical garage that he and his construction company can offer you extremely competitive pricing (even though they are fully licensed, bonded, & insured).

Typically, he will be able to speak with you the same day that you contact us. That way, he can find out enough over the phone (about the size of your new garage and other factors in the cost) that he can quote you a general price range. If you like the numbers that you hear him saying, simply let him know.

Next, if he is already working on a construction project near you, then he may even be available to meet in person with you within the next 48 hours. In some cases, he will be able start the construction of your garage with no delays (although his low prices and years of experience have been rewarded so that he typically has several garage construction projects throughout Phoenix on the schedule at any point). Usually, he will be available to start with several weeks.

Plus, since getting a new building permit issued will be relevant for building most garages, then as soon you are ready to pay the initial deposit, he can get the paperwork started. This way, by the time that he is scheduled to start the work, the building permit for your new garage will have been approved already.

In fact, if you need a few more paychecks to arrive before you can cover the entire cost of building your new garage, be aware that building permits can be valid for up to 6 months without any need for an extension. (By the way, even before the interior walls of the garage are finished, the garage door will be framed in and installed, so the garage will be fully functional even before the final city inspection or drywall installation).

As long as you know that you will be able to cover all the costs on time, you can start when you are ready. Need to pay by credit card? Just let us know.

So, especially if you are willing to wait or planning ahead, his quality work at low prices may be very attractive to you. Plus, since this garage construction specialist in Phoenix also has extensive experience with a variety of low-priced garage doors and openers, he can also help you select some inexpensive options that will be very gentle on your budget (or even pass on discounts to you that he is available to obtain from wholesale distributors).

As noted above, he can get quite busy because of his very affordable prices and so many happy customers recommending him to others (all the way from Sun City to Mesa and beyond). Recent home buyers often hire him to build home additions or provide other improvements after they see the value that they get during the construction of their new garage in central Arizona.

So, if you know that you are going to be very selective about investing on a tight budget for the construction of your new garage, just let us know that up front. If so, then we will get you on the phone with this contractor fast. If everything is a match, then you will want to immediately get on his schedule before it fills up further.

If you are only likely to hire a contractor that offers to enclose your carport at a very low cost, click here.

3) COMPATIBILITY: "After I talk to a few contractors, I will be able to tell who is best for me!"

Another frequent request that we receive is from people who know that they want to talk to a few different contractors before choosing who to hire. They are not in any particular rush and they are definitely not just looking for the cheapest contractor to build their new garage addition.

Instead, some people simply want to be very selective about who they hire, perhaps getting estimates from at least two licensed companies serving greater Phoenix. Again, we are the perfect match for a person like that!

We can get you on the phone with a few different garage builders in Phoenix and give you the opportunity to choose to invite a few of them to meet you at your home for a personal consultation (or even a formal bid). We have collected a library of audio reviews and written reviews for these local construction companies in Phoenix, so if you'd like to verify their solid reputations before you talk to any of them, we can email you the links that match your interests. If you want to see more "before and after" photos or even personally visit with a past client and tour a similar construction project, we would be happy to explore that with you.

If you are willing to carefully invest your time in to making sure that you are comfortable and confident in the contractor that you will hire to build your new garage in greater Phoenix, click here.

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