When you are going to hire a company for a converting a garage to living space in Glendale, we know that you may have several questions about why you should choose our contractors. Below are some of the issues that many of our clients in Glendale have told us made it so easy for them to choose to hire us. (Scroll down to read it all.)

(Need to convert your carport in to a garage in Glendale AZ? If so, we can also help with that. Click here: conversion of a carport in to garage.)

Our renovation team began as specialists in the field of emergency restoration services. That gives us a few clear advantages over most contractors that offer garage conversions in Arizona (and the advantages are big ones): our speed, our ease complying with insurance company guidelines (and city codes), plus our respect for regulations on future resale of real estate.

Have you made sure your insurance policy will cover the garage conversion?

First, from our decades of experience with restorations, we are used to dealing with insurance companies. Many people do not know how big an issue that is until "too late." In particular, if you have questions about how to make sure your garage conversion project conforms to the restrictions of your insurance policy, ask us.

Basically, conversions that do not follow the guidelines of your insurance coverage can VOID the protection of your insurance. You do not want to have to fight them over this. You do not want to have to hire a lawyer and still risk losing the case.

So, why not avoid the hassles and do it the right way by letting us include your insurance company throughout the conversion process? When you hire a remodeling contractor in Glendale AZ that works closely with your insurance provider, then you will never need to worry about the insurance company delaying or denying a future claim relating to an undocumented garage conversion that they refuse to insure.

Have you learned which garage conversions or renovations violate city codes?

Second, because we are used to constantly dealing with complex regulations, hiring our team can save you from getting assessed with big penalties and fines from your local city government (issues that other garage conversion contractors in AZ may neglect to mention). If you thought the insurance companies can be tough or harsh, you might not even want to know about the problems we have heard that were caused by hiring a renovation company in Glendale AZ that was not respecting ALL of the building codes that apply in that city. For instance, imagine that you want to sell your home and you have a buyer and the contract is ready to close, but then the title company tells you that there is a major issue relating to city permits for the garage renovation? (Note that if you already have that issue, relax and contact us now because we know a legal method for bypassing those restrictions!)

If you are about to convert your garage in AZ, then based on the city zoning here your home is, we will already know the options that are relevant for you and we can keep the issues simple and clear for you. In your case, the best method for your garage conversion (depending on your city) MIGHT even be to do a partial garage remodel (rather than a full conversion).

Gallery of *partial* garage conversions: (clarification)

Need a full garage conversion
or just a partial garage remodel?

With a garage remodel (or partial conversion), you can have a huge increase in natural light without removing the ABILITY to open the garage to the driveway. We can replace standard garage doors so that you have window panels or even a wall that is entirely windows. If relevant, we will suggest adding extra insulation (to make the room easier to cool in the hot Arizona summer).

Or, a full garage conversion (removing the garage doors and building a full wall there) may be best for you. Because city codes do change, including their policies for exemptions, the best option is to contact us so we can review the current specifics for your city.

We are not intimidated by these details because we constantly refer to the various regulations of all the local cities for permit applications, building codes, and inspection requirements. Let us guide you through the process smoothly!

The best remodeler in Glendale AZ for a legal and FAST garage conversion

Besides our ease at working with insurance companies and with precisely following the Glendale AZ city regulations for garage conversions, here is one more big advantage that people hiring us to convert their garage often will report to us: speed. From decades of expertise, we know what we are doing, so we can relax, plan well, and then execute with precision. That allows for us to do big renovations faster than many remodelers in AZ would finish a small conversion.

In short, we provide better quality in a shorter time than other remodeling services in GlendaleAZ. Our builders are used to taking an existing structure (in ANY condition) and extensively renovating it. We are used to coordinating even the most complex remodels and our workers are experienced, organized, disciplined, and fast.

Again, from decades of doing major repairs fast in the restoration industry, our crews combine precision, speed, and quality, so the garage renovation will be completed fast. (We can even build garage additions and other new buildings from the ground up.)

Only hire the best contractor for your garage conversion in Glendale AZ!

When converting your garage in AZ, wouldn't you value using a construction contractor that has extensive experience with insurance companies and maintaining policy coverage, with carefully following city regulations to avoid costly fines and ensure smooth resale, and with executing the actual service quickly and well? Our estimators, supervisors, and specialists are all focused on earning your business and your highest recommendation. We will earn your respect before, during, and after your garage conversion service. Thank you for your business and we look forward to speaking with you today, so contact us now!

The most important thing with your garage conversion in Glendale is that you are satisfied with the results for many years, right? If you would like us to answer any questions or provide you with testimonials for our garage conversion services, contact us now by click this link: contact.

What is the cost and resale value of a garage conversion in Glendale AZ?

This report shows a chart of several renovations along with the average cost and average increase to resale value. They include garage conversions and garage additions , so prices range up to $50,000 or even $80,000

Of course, converting a small garage in Glendale is not going to cost $80,000 (which is what it can cost to build a large "upscale" garage addition from the ground up)! Costs as low as $8,000 (for a one-car garage) are published in this article on garage conversions & additions for building a small garage addition, so a conversion (from when the garage already has 3 walls, foundations, and a roof) COULD cost even less.

In fact, partial conversions (or garage remodels) are often a much less expensive way to make your existing garage space suitable for other uses (while still preserving the ABILITY to use the space for parking a vehicle). In contrast, fully converting a garage to living space can involve extensive renovations to meet a variety of building codes (like flooring, windows for sunlight, ventilation for heating and cooling, and smoke detectors). That kind of remodeling can cost from $10,000 to $15,000 and up (according to an article on Angie's List that mentions converting a garage to living space in two parts of Arizona).

Obviously, two big factors in the cost of your project will be the size of the renovated room(s) plus the specific features (such as extensive plumbing) to be added where you currently have a garage.

HomeAdvisor reports that most garages in the Phoenix area cost between $7,000 and $30,000 to build, with an average of about $18,000. The Nationwide average is several thousand dollars higher. (The first chart below shows data complied from only SIXTEEN projects as of July 2016).

Do you have specific questions about building codes in Glendale AZ

In our decades of work in Glendale AZ, we also have developed great relationships with the staff of the city governments who issue permits for home renovations (and who conduct inspections for remodeling or converting garages). Some projects will need electrical and plumbing inspections in addition to the other required inspections. The process of dealing with the paperwork and the inspectors can be stressful for many homeowners in Glendale. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else to handle all of that for you?

Our experience will keep the process simple and smooth

When you hire our experts to convert your garage in Glendale AZ, you will feel the interest and confidence of our specialists as we speak with you about your priorities and questions. It can be very exciting for you to see the project get completed so smoothly and quickly. You may also be quite relieved to find out how little the entire project will be. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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Gallery of *partial* garage conversions: (clarification)