Phoenix Roof inspections: how we do it

Will your roof in Phoenix pass a free inspection? For homeowners in Phoenix who are not experts at precisely assessing the condition of the roof on their home (or commercial building), there can be tremendous relief by having an experienced professional inspect the roof for you. Not only do experienced roof inspectors know exactly what to look for, but some inspections even include the use of thermal imaging (infrared cameras) to pinpoint cool areas where moisture has accumulated from a leaking roof above. That method can be used to assess on the exterior of the home (siding), the top of the roof, and also the ceilings and walls of the interior.

Besides active leaks, what else will the roof inspector look for?

Will your roof in Phoenix AZ pass a free inspection for leak damage? Will your roof in AZ pass a free inspection? For most roofs in Phoenix, there are two common issues that are assessed to determine whether any repairs are needed (or even a replacement with a new roof). The two issues are the exterior of the roof (tile, asphalt shingles, etc) and the interior support of the roof (like the plywood decking, the underlayment, the flashing, etc).

First, the exterior surface of the roof is the most obvious issue. When you ask the roof inspector to get up on the roof and look at it after a hail storm, then they can examine the marks left by the hail and inspect the roof for hail damage (like punctures, cracks, and bruising). They assess the conditions of the shingles or tiles, etc...

Many homeowners do not make inspecting their roof a priority until it is time to sell the home (and then the buyer requires an extensive inspection to determine the quality of the roof and review whether any warranties will be passed on to the buyer of the home). Obviously, the longer that you wait between roof inspections, the more likely it is that you will be informed of a need to repair the roof, from re-mortaring a few tiles or the wind breaks to replacing the entire ridgeline. Our roof inspection experts will make sure that all the joints are properly secured and that the flashing is reliably preventing any water from leaking under the roofing.

Another simple issue that is common in Phoenix is shingles that are no longer solidly attached. (Put your mouse over the images to the left and right to learn about the "small-looking" exterior roofing issues and then put your mouse over the images below to see the implications of neglecting to identify and repair small issues.)

Will your roof in Phoenix AZ pass a free inspection? To request a free inspection for roof leaks in greater Phoenix Arizona, call (602) 464-4446 today! Will your roof in Phoenix AZ pass a free inspection for storm damage? Second, in addition to inspecting the exterior surface of the roofing material, the other important issue (which is not so easy to assess visually) is the condition of the support materials directly beneath the exterior roofing (including the decking immediately below the roof exterior). For instance, if significant amounts of moisture have penetrated down through the felt underlayment, then the exterior roofing can have a very weak bond with the underlying material, which may even begin to rot.

Will your roof in Phoenix pass a free inspection? To the right is an image of the plywood decking that was underneath a shingle roof. Notice in the center of the image that there is a pattern of lines that resembles the shape of bricks in a wall. You can see the rectangular shape of some of the water stains that formed around the outlines of the shingles. To the untrained eye, those roof shingles might not have looked like they were at risk for leaking, but they had been leaking badly for a long time (presenting a risk of the need for expensive water damage repairs)!

Why do weak roofs in Phoenix need to be repaired even without active leaking?

In an area like Phoenix (with strong winds expected every summer), it is favorable to repair a weak bond prior to intense storms. It is better to repair the roof prior to the storm in order to avoid a major expense and complication from water damage and interior flooding through leaks into the ceiling caused by hail or wind storms.

Will your roof in Phoenix AZ pass a free inspection for damaged roofing, leaks, and need for repair? Of course, there is a limit to the value of patching and re-patching a roof! Eventually, roofs will need to be replaced (because just adding more patches will be like placing band-aids on a cracking dam). There are inevitable consequences of trying to get by with repairs when the roof really needs replacing! If you want an outside opinion on the issue, you can contact your home insurance company and ask them about what they think of re-patching a roof that really needs replacing. Our roof inspectors can share with them the photos and measurements that we make when inspecting your roof in Phoenix.

Will your flat roof in Phoenix AZ pass a free inspection?

So, not only is the purpose of the roof inspection to examine existing damage to the roof (and assess the needs for urgent repairs or replacement), but also to prevent major damage to the roof such as a partial collapse. For flat or nearly flat roofs, which are very common in commercial buildings in Phoenix, Arizona, even a small opening for water can be a big issue when pools of water accumulate after a heavy storm (like in the image to the right).

Insurance companies are usually happy to pay for several hundreds of dollars of repairs if they strongly suspect that the next storm season would cause much worse damage. They want to prevent the need for a more expensive water damage restoration service, which can be several thousand dollars (at a minimum).

Why even minor roof repairs can prevent water damage and mold contamination

Will your roof in Glendale AZ pass a free inspection? To request a free roof inspection in Phoenix or Arizona, call (602) 464-4446 today! Water damage to your attic, ceiling, or drywall is a serious problem that it is definitely best to prevent. Hopefully, you also have never experienced the health issues that can be produced by spending time in a building with even moderate mold contamination.

Will your roof in Glendale AZ pass a free inspection? To request a free roof inspection in Phoenix or Arizona, call (602) 464-4446 today! The inconvenience of a brief roof inspection (or even minor repairs or re-roofing) is quite small compared to having a crew of restoration contractors in AZ replacing everything: the exterior roofing, the interior supports under the roof, the ceiling and even the drywall. Due to water damage that has leaked through a poorly supported roof, the needed repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. Oddly enough, slow leaks can be even more inconvenient then sudden flooding because the slow leak will almost inevitably produce mold contamination (which can result in a very large amount of drywall needing to be carefully replaced with great attention to preventing mold spores from contaminating nearby surfaces).

a leaking roof can lead to water damage and mold. Avoid needing major restoration services by getting a free roof inspection today. Basically, with severe mold contamination, large amounts of the interior of the home in Phoenix may need to be carefully removed and then re-built. So, it is obviously favorable to find damage when it is minor or even prevent it from happening through regular roof inspections. On the right above, the plywood in that attic is almost as green as moldy bread!

Why to choose our roofing inspectors in Phoenix AZ

A flooded roof can leak and lead to serious water damage. Avoid needing major damage restoration services by getting a free roof inspection today. One of the most stressful parts of extensive home repairs can be dealing with insurance companies and their adjusters, who may have been trained to keep down the cost of the insurance company. That means that you will want the help of someone who knows how to interact with the insurance adjuster in a way that will quickly and smoothly get the full amount of your claim approved. Wouldn't you want to have the support and assistance of someone with decades of experience in learning the regulations that the insurance companies must follow and then communicating effectively with the adjusters so you get everything that you deserve from them?

Because our general contractor has been a specialist in the damage restoration industry in Phoenix Arizona for so long, that gives us some unique advantages, including because of our extensive experience with insurance companies paying for the repair of roofs as well as water damage restoration services. We can even let you hear several testimonials of homeowners near you in Phoenix who spoke very powerfully about their gratitude for the relief that we provided them in making their insurance claim easy and effective. (Ask us and we will be glad to email you links to their audio recommendations.)

In some cases, it is extremely beneficial that we have extensive experience with tracking back the source of major interior mold damage to even a very small leak in the roof. A small leak that goes undetected for too long will allow in moisture which will penetrate in to the interior drywall and result in mold damage (which may not be visible until we cut through the drywall). On the left, the water damage shown was a result of the original roofers neglecting to put metal flashing all the way to the edge of the roof, so water dripped in to the plywood wall, slowly rotting it.

So, we know from lots of personal experience the amount of damage that even small roof leaks can cause you in Phoenix. We know how a very small issue that may be nearly invisible from the exterior of the home (at least to an untrained observer) can lead to major restoration costs. We have tracked back from years of mold and rotting wood (to find small leak in a roof that could have been repaired for a few hundred dollars at most.

We know that if, during our inspection of your roof, we find a certain severity of damage to the roof, then we also can conduct some precise tests to measure the amount of moisture in the walls as well as insert a camera through a small opening to look for signs of contamination by mold (to determine whether your insurance company will want us to provide mold mitigation services to your home). Finally, in the next section, you can see several photos that display how thermal imaging technology can provide simple clarity about exactly how much moisture accumulation has been caused by a leaking roof.

Using thermal imaging (infrared cameras) to locate the moisture from leaking roofs

We have all seen ugly stains on ceilings caused by a leaking roof, maybe even some in Phoenix. But have you ever seen thermal images that show the cold areas where there is an accumulation of moisture from a leaking roof (or from some other source of water)? Take a look at a few of these images and witness the power of this heat-sensing technology to simplify and speed up the process of identify roof leaks early before they lead to the need for major water damage restoration and remediation services to areas contaminated by mold.

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3. Why do weak roofs need to be repaired even without active leaking?
4. Why even minor roof repairs can prevent water damage & mold contamination
5. Why to choose our roof inspectors in Phoenix AZ
6. Detecting moisture from roof leaks with thermal imaging (infrared cameras)

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