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When you are going to hire a contractor for fireplace remodeling in Surprise, you may have several questions about which company you should choose. In some cases, your fireplace remodeling plans may be very specific. In that case, you only want to hire an expert in Surprise who can give you complete confidence by showing you sample photos of their completed work that are just like the fireplace remodel that you will hire them to do. Contact us today and we will show you photos of completed fireplace remodeling jobs that show you just what you need to know to hire our remodeling contractors in Surprise. The testimonials of past clients will also help make your choice easy and fast!

Next, below are some of the top questions that lead people in Surprise to hire our fireplace remodelers. (Scroll down to read it all.)

"How important is it to hire an INSURED remodeling contractor in Surprise?"

This is extremely important! As a home-owner, your home in Surprise may be your most valuable asset by far, right? You may even owe hundreds of thousands of dollars still on your mortgage. (This is written primarily to home-owners, so if you are the owner of a commercial building in Surprise, then the same issues will apply to you except probably with much larger dollar amounts.)

There is literally nothing more expensive than risking major damage to your home in Surprise by hiring an uninsured company to attempt a complex fireplace remodel for you. Unless you have a huge amount of extra cash to be able to afford to basically rebuild your home from scratch, then maybe you should let a wealthy insurance company eliminate the financial risk to you!

We only use contractors who are fully insured and we recommend that, whenever you are doing major fireplace renovations in Surprise, you only use an insured contractor, too. While you might hire a neighborhood teenager to mow your lawn or wash your car, you would not hire "any kid who is willing and enthusiastic" to do brain surgery or pilot an airplane, would you? Your fireplace remodeling project should receive similar respect because, even if the actual job is just a few thousand dollars, there can be implications for the integrity and value of the entire home (or commercial building).

For instance, certain fireplace renovations involve extensive alterations to the original infrastructure of the building. So, you need to hire contractors that respect the importance of being attentive to the existing infrastructure (and who are alert to issues that might not be visible before the renovations starts, like termite damage to wooden supports or hidden damage from water or mold). Plus, in addition to hiring fireplace remodeling contractors that are experienced and who respect the unique issues (like the intense heat of Surprise summers) for buildings constructed in the last few decades here, there is still the simple issue of whether or not the contractors are fully insured.

"Why are your insured remodeling contractors better than others in Surprise AZ?"

We respect issues that most contractors would not. We more fully respect the financial importance of carefully preserving full insurance coverage when homeowners are remodeling (especially prior to reselling or flipping the home). Also, we are more perceptive about identifying hidden, long-term risks in the physical building itself.

To explain how those two unique factors developed, let's review a simple question: what is unique about how our contractors got in to the field of fireplace remodeling? The typical history of most contractors in Surprise is not our history. We did not start in new construction and then get pushed in to fireplace remodeling by a slowing economy. We did not start as hobbyists doing our own remodeling experiments and then turning professional. However, the second one is close.

Specifically, our contractors began in the specialized field of restoration services (as in water damage repair). Through decades in that field, we have seen lots of unanticipated problems in the inner structures of a huge variety of buildings, including everything from brand new downtown high-rises to abandoned summer vacation homes from the mid 20th century. We are very familiar with the unique issues in Surprise like the intense dry heat (which everyone is generally aware of) but also with much less widely recognized issues like cracking foundations due to the sinking of underground "water tables," which changes the elevation of one corner of the building over the course of decades (or even suddenly after a severe flood in monsoon season). While that last issue is much more severe in Tucson than in Surprise and the rest of central Arizona, the point is that we have seen a LOT of strange things in our restoration and reconstruction projects throughout Arizona (plus discussed a massive range of issues in great detail with insurance adjusters, insurance agents, and Surprise city inspectors).

In other words, we are the ones who inform the city inspectors in Surprise about the reality of risks that are unfamiliar to them (because those issues are not in their textbooks). Our fireplace remodeling supervisors do not have as much specialized expertise in identifying structural problems as many insurance adjusters, who constantly see unusual cases. However, we are the ones who frequently discuss those strange technical details with those adjusters (unlike insurance brokers or city inspectors who do not really need to understand the practical concerns of the insurance adjusters). We know exactly what the insurance adjusters are looking for... plus we understand WHY.

To put it another way, the experts in identifying potential problems are the insurance adjusters (who are the ones who come and inspect a building during and after a serious problem, like one corner of the building sinking). So, our contractors in Surprise have learned from them not only what kinds of long-term issues to be alert to and to recognize in their early stages, but we have also become experts in resolving and preventing those structural problems.

They are the ones who are experts at measuring how serious a problem is. We are the ones who are experts at preventing absolutely any problems... even in the most bizarre and complicated situations. For us, the kinds of challenges in a typical fireplace remodeling job that can be hidden from or frustrating to most general contractors are "a piece of cake."

So, here is how we got in to the remodeling field in Surprise. We were providing remodeling and rebuild services in the restoration field and so we repaired and renovated lots of rooms (and even entire buildings) with the close supervision of insurance adjusters. (In fact, our construction crews still offer restoration services in Arizona.)

Then, we began some fireplace remodels on our own homes. Next, our supervisors and even our senior crew members bought a variety of investment properties, including in Surprise, then did some major and minor renovations to those homes, and eventually rented out or flipped (resold) those properties. Finally, some of our past clients from our restoration services (as well as friends and family here in AZ) were impressed with our fireplace remodeling and so they asked us remodel some fireplaces for them here in Arizona. Eventually, they kept asking and asking until we said yes. So, that is how we got in to offering our fireplace remodeling services to the general public in Arizona in general and Surprise in particular.

"Which fireplace remodeling contractor in Surprise is the best for me to hire?"

What is best for you will depend on your priorities. If you do not already know what they are, then we can discuss that with you when we come to you in Surprise to inspect the property and provide a free estimate. Once you are clear on your priorities, then you can asses which renovation company will be the best to hire for your remodel.

For sure, we are not the cheapest fireplace remodeling crew that you can find offering fireplace remodels to Surprise AZ. Uninsured and unlicensed "professional" may be very eager for your business, especially during slow economic seasons (including almost every summer, since "snowbirds" can bring a lot of money to Surprise each winter).

We are not even the cheapest of all of the insured fireplace remodeling contractors in Surprise. Or, if we are, that is not on purpose. We are not desperate for business either and we will be honest with you about how soon we would be available to begin your fireplace remodel (which can depend on how small or large it is).

That is what we are not. Here is what we are.

Our supervisors and crews are extremely skilled, experienced, organized, and attentive. Many construction companies are regularly behind schedule and running over the original estimates on costs for hourly labor. We are not the averagefireplace remodeling contractor in Phoenix. Some of our crews have been working together for a very long time and are very efficient in their collaboration.

Are we arrogant? Some of our competitors have made that accusation of our fireplace remodeling supervisors and crew. We honestly believe that the most skilled remodeling contractors in Arizona are attracted to the most rigorous and competitive field in the construction industry: fire restoration and water damage repair. We admit that we have extremely high standards in our hiring policies and in our fireplace remodeling projects. We rarely lose a crew member (other than to retirement or relocation out of state) because we pay well and we keep morale high.

Naturally, over time, we have responded to increasing demand by hiring more fireplace remodelers. Some of our current competitors were good enough to do reasonably well, but we declined when we had the opportunity to hire them (when they applied to join our company). If they still find that upsetting year later, then anticipating that kind of response from them may be exactly why we passed on them when we had the opportunity to hire them.

We respect that you, like us, have many choices about who to hire to remodel your fireplace in Surprise. Just as we do not just automatically hire the first applicant when we are expanding our construction crews, we do not expect you to just hire the first company that you find. If you are selective, then you will target hiring only a renovation company that you respect and trust. Now that you have found us, that may be very easy!

We also recommend that, if you are not in a rush, you get enough bids that you are distinctly comfortable with at least two of the companies providing you an estimate or bid in Surprise. (Further, we recommend that if you are in a rush, you slow down!) Then, once you are comfortable with at least two estimators, you can show both of those estimators the estimate from the other company and ask them to explain the differences in the two estimates. That is exactly what we would do.

Especially for a major fireplace remodeling job in Surprise, we think that the extra caution and selectiveness will be worth the time that you will put in to it. We are confident that when you give us the chance, we will earn your confidence, earn your business, and, when we complete your fireplace remodel, earn your highest recommendation to others.

We are also confident that you can find cheaper, slower, and less skilled contractors in Surprise. You can even find contractors that are faster than our team, but perhaps at the expense of caution and quality.

We know how insurance company specialists would remodel their own home. We know why. (To learn more about our extensive personal experience with insurance company adjusters, read the section immediately below.) We are the experts at performing the highest quality work, plus we charge rates that most people find to be an exceptionally good value.

One issue that can be a drawback for people who are in a rush is that, for major remodeling projects in Surprise, we may not be available as fast as you would prefer. Our availability can fluctuate considerably, especially if our restoration crews get extremely busy during monsoon season with a lot of hail storms or flooding. Again, when you contact us, we will be totally honest with you as to how soon we can begin your fireplace remodel. Fortunately, our crews are very fast (because of superior skill and planning), so our efficiency can balance out the fact that we may only be available a week or two later than contractors who are not as busy (who are not in as much demand). Contact us now to find out about our current availability for your fireplace remodeling project in Surprise.

How important is it to get permits from the city of Surprise to maintain my home owners' insurance coverage?

First, how important is it to you to avoid getting fined? If that seems pretty important to you, then make sure your contractor respects that!

Next, how important is it to you that in the event of any unexpected event, such as a tree falling on your remodeled fireplace, that your insurance will cover the cost to restore the property to the prior condition? If that is important to you, and we suggest that it would be very important to you if it happened, then you need to hire a contractor who is committed to observing all relevant regulations, getting all the proper permits from the city of Surprise, and following all the building codes to pass the building inspection.

Our contractors know the way that many insurance companies operate (in regard to denying claims in which even a single technicality has been overlooked). Honestly, that is the job of those employees in the insurance company, right? Do not expect them to be friendly or kind or merciful. They are not your friends!

They are not insurance agents trying to sell you something. They are not like campaigning politicians, but like the politicians after getting elected. (Insurance brokers can be much more like politicians campaigning for your vote).

They are not friendly police officers directing traffic at a busy sporting event. They are more like police detectives who are looking for a reason to get you in trouble.

In other words, insurance company claim processors are trained to look for even the smallest reason to deny your claim if there is damaged to your new fireplace. You may not like them and they may not like you. It is not personal. It is just business.

Follow their rules or else expect them to notice that and then to exploit any omissions on your part. It is to your advantage to be honest and responsible. So, learn their rules, know what is your responsibility, and then focus on fulfilling that.

So your responsibility as a home-owner is to do what it takes to maintain the coverage according to the terms of your policy. Do not take risks that will result in you dumping thousands of dollars to hire one attorney to fight the insurance company's team of lawyers. If your home does not have the proper permits (in the right sequence of time), you can expect to have your claim denied and then, if you fight their denial of the claim, you can expect to lose in court no matter how much money you dump in to the lawsuit.

To avoid the complications and costs of Surprise city fines and insurance claim denials, we strongly recommend that you invest the time and money to comply with city building codes and insurance requirements. If the issue is not already totally clear, read the next section!

"How important is it to have building permits from the city of Surprise when I want to sell the home?"

We have performed numerous fireplace remodeling jobs in Arizona to bring a home or building back in to compliance with city building codes. The vast majority of real estate transactions are financed by mortgage companies, which require the involvement of insurance companies (to insure the mortgage itself as well as the real estate). Of course, those insurance companies require homeowners to follow city building codes, so if the buyer needs those city codes in Surprise followed BEFORE the transaction can be legal, then that means the seller is responsible (as current owner) for getting those codes met. Plus, the current owner (the seller) is the one subject to being fined for violating city codes.

So, if that sounds like your current situation, contact us immediately and let us know your circumstance. In some cases, we may even be able to help you legally avoid any delay whatsoever through a specific kind of revising of the real estate contract to close the sale on schedule. Even real estate attorneys may not tell you about that unusual method (because it is not a standard part of their classroom training, so they may not even know about it).

Typically, when we have been hired to do urgent fireplace remodeling to meet city codes in Surprise, those remodeling jobs are needed by frustrated owners who wish to sell and have a buyer waiting. Some buyers are willing to wait a few days or a few weeks for small renovations to meet codes (which can allow the deal to close under a standard contract for the sale of real estate). However, in some cases, buyers have rigid time restrictions and a delay of one single day can cancel the entire sale. Again, contact us to inform us of the details of your situation. If you do not even know what details are relevant, we know what questions to ask you to help you to prioritize and plan your action steps.

Relax. We will help you Just contact us now and briefly tell us the basic situation.

Our contractors will remodel your home in Surprise AZ.

As detailed above, our Surprise home renovation team began as specialists in the field of emergency restoration services. That gives us a few clear advantages over most contractors that offer fireplace remodeling in Surprise (and the advantages are big ones): our speed, our ease complying with insurance company guidelines (and city codes), plus our respect for regulations on future resale of real estate.

Have you made sure your insurance policy will cover the fireplace remodel?

Next, from our decades of experience in Phoenix with damage restoration services (from fire, hail, wind, water, etc), we are used to dealing with insurance companies. Many people do not know how big an issue that is until "too late." In particular, if you have questions about how to make sure your remodel conforms to the restrictions of your insurance policy, ask us.

Basically, renovations that do not follow the guidelines of your insurance coverage can VOID the protection of your insurance. You do not want to have to fight them over this. You do not want to have to hire a lawyer and still risk losing the case.

So, why not avoid the hassles and do it the right way by letting us include your insurance company throughout the renovation process? When you hire a fireplace remodeling contractor in Surprise AZ that works closely with your insurance provider, then you will never need to worry about the insurance company delaying or denying a future claim relating to an undocumented renovation that they refuse to insure.

The best fireplace remodeler in Surprise AZ for an insured, permitted, gorgeous, and fast renovation

Besides our ease at working with insurance companies and with precisely following the Surprise AZ city regulations for fireplace remodeling, here is one more big advantage that people hiring us to remodel their home often will report to us: speed. From decades of expertise, we know what we are doing, so we can relax, plan well, and then execute with precision. That allows for us to do big renovations faster than many remodeling contractors in AZ would finish a small conversion.

In short, we provide better quality in a shorter time than other fireplace remodeling services in Phoenix AZ. Our builders are used to taking an existing structure (in ANY condition) and extensively renovating it. We are used to coordinating even the most complex remodels and our workers are experienced, organized, disciplined, and fast.

Again, from decades of doing major repairs fast in the restoration industry, our crews combine precision, speed, and quality, so the fireplace remodel will be completed fast.

Only hire the best contractor for your fireplace remodeling project in Surprise AZ!

When remodeling your home (or commercial building), wouldn't you value using a contractor that has extensive experience with insurance companies and maintaining policy coverage, with carefully following city regulations in Phoenix to avoid costly fines and ensure smooth resale, and with executing the actual fireplace remodel quickly and well?

Our renovation estimators, crew supervisors, and remodeling specialists are all focused on earning your business and your highest recommendation. We will earn your respect before, during, and after your fireplace remodel. Thank you for your business and we look forward to speaking with you today, so contact us now!

The most important thing with your renovation in Surprise is that you are satisfied with the results for many years, right? If you would like us to answer any questions or provide you with testimonials for our remodeling services, contact us now by click this link: contact.

"What is the cost and resale value of my fireplace remodeling project?"

This report shows a chart of several remodeling projects along with the average cost and average increase to resale value. The data in those reports include nationwide averages (not data just for Arizona). To schedule a customized estimate for the renovation that you want us to do for you, call us at (602) 464-4446.

Do you have specific questions about building codes in Surprise AZ

In our decades of work in Surprise AZ, we also have developed great relationships with the staff of tyour city government who issue permits for home renovations (and who conduct inspections for your home improvements). Some projects will need electrical and plumbing inspections in addition to the other required inspections. The process of dealing with the forms and the city inspectors can be intimidating to many homeowners. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else to handle all of that stress for you?

Our experience will keep the fireplace remodeling process simple and smooth

When you hire our experts in Surprise AZ to remodel your fireplace, you will feel the interest and confidence of our contractors as we speak with you about your priorities and questions. It can be very exciting for you to see the remodeling service get completed so smoothly and quickly. You may also be quite relieved to find out how low the cost of the entire renovation will be. Contact us today to schedule your fireplace remodeling consultation in Surprise.

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