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Carport Conversion in Arizona

Which do you need:
#1 to build a garage by enclosing a carport
#2 to build a room by enclosing a carport
#3 carport conversion + more renovations

Our contractors will convert your carport in to a garage or even remodel it (like to use as an Arizona Room or for some other purpose). If you want several renovations including a carport conversion, click #3 above. If you only want a carport-to-garage conversion (or at least that is currently your main priority), click #1. Finally, if you want a room addition where you now have a carport, click #2.

Our licensed contractors began many decades ago as specialists in the field of garage door installation here in Arizona. Since then, they have built many garages from the ground up (including this RV garage). Plus, much more often than performing new garage construction and other renovation projects, they have enclosed carports in Phoenix to convert them to attached garages.

Why is all of that experience important? First, when converting a carport to a garage, it is certainly good to have built new garages as additions. City inspectors will be using the same guidelines for a carport conversion as they do for construction of a new garage.

What kind of guidelines? We mean everything from safety codes for fire and electricity to basic structural issues. Since a garage is heavier than a carport, it is important to know how to determine when the existing cement pad is adequate and when it needs to be repaired, reinforced, or, in rare cases, totally replaced.

Experience with building new garages is not enough. Carport conversions are not just building a garage on an existing cement foundation. Especially for homes that are several decades old, it is also very important to be familiar with special issues that only come up with conversions. For instance, in the testimonial below on this page, a homeowner named Dave details the importance of John finding the weak wood in the existing carport - due to termites - and replacing that wood so that the converted carport would be just as solid as a brand new garage.

Next, from an everyday perspective, the most important part of your new garage will be the garage door. Many garage builders in Phoenix are mainly experienced in general construction and will not have decades of experience with selecting and installing garage doors and openers. When converting your carport to a garage, wouldn't you value using professionals that have extensive experience with helping you pick the perfect garage door and opener for you?

Ultimately, the most important thing with your carport conversion is that you are satisfied with the results for many years, right? If you want to skim through several brief testimonials of happy customers that recommend that you hire our licensed contractors to enclose your garage in Phoenix, click here now: reviews. (There is even a 3-minute audio testimonial on that page).

Next, below is a review (from Dave H. in Cave Creek, AZ) that was submitted in 2011 through one of the most trusted testimonial websites on the internet. Below his personal recommendation, you can keep reading to learn more about why our decades of experience doing carport conversions in Arizona will make a difference to you.

Comments on the quality of the carport conversion project:

The job went perfect. The next day after I called to schedule, the conversion work was started. They showed up on time (all the way out to me way north of Phoenix) and got the job done in the time John said it would take. It really could not have gone any better. Plus, calling me the day after to check on my satisfaction was really appreciated.

Detail of the carport conversion project in AZ:

Obviously, we needed someone to convert our carport in to an enclosed garage. After talking with John briefly on the phone and scheduling for him to come all the way out to us north of Phoenix to take a look, he inspected the existing carport. The first thing he showed me was a termite-infested beam in the ceiling of the carport. Although that was unexpected, I'm glad he found it. He explained everything that needed to be done and why.

Once they started the work, they carefully removed that weak beam, then even showed me the termites, and put in a new beam. Before long, they had finished framing out the front of the carport to accommodate a standard-sized garage door. Finally, they installed the new garage door and the garage door opener, plus programmed the keypad and 3 remotes. We can even open the garage door using our phones!

Last, one more thing that I thought really set this company apart in a good way was that John called me the next day just to make sure everything was up to my liking. In fact, I had one very small issue that was a concern to me. So, he immediately came back out that day and cleared up everything for me. By the time I knew exactly how to use the features of the keypad that were of interest to me, including the " vacation " setting to lock the garage door closed while we take long trips in the summer, I was so grateful to have used this company. Thanks, John: you did a great job!

Our contractors have converted carports in AZ across 3 decades

In our decades of work in Arizona, we also have developed great relationships with the staff of the various local cities who issue permits for home renovations and who conduct inspections for carport enclosures and garage conversions. In addition to the other required inspections, some projects may also need electrical inspections. The process of dealing with the paperwork and the inspectors can be stressful for many homeowners. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else to handle all of that for you? (To learn more about the relevant building codes and permits for local cities in Arizona, click here now: AZ)

Especially if you ever rent out the home after enclosing a carport, you also want the lasting value of having garage doors that have been installed properly (so there is no hassle of correcting any errors in the bracing, in the alignment of wheels and tracks, or in the compatibility between the weight of the doors and the power of the opener). Also, when you eventually sell the home, not only will an enclosed garage make it easier to sell, but sellers in Arizona can produce an increase in the actual selling price of the home that is bigger than the total cost of the conversion.

When you hire our professionals to convert your carport in to a garage in Phoenix, you will feel the interest and confidence of our specialists as we speak with you about your priorities and questions. It can be very exciting for you to see the project get completed so smoothly and quickly. You may also be quite relieved to find out how little the entire project will be.

If you are just starting to plan a carport conversion and want to read our planning FAQs, click costs, codes, permits, etc. Next, you can see a few more of the steps involved in converting your carport in to a garage by clicking here: step 1: building the walls to enclose the carport.

Finally, contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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carport conversion Phoenix: enclosing a carport to convert it to a garage

carport conversions in Phoenix, Tucson, & Mesa AZ

We offer 3 distinct types of services:

#1: Converting a carport to a GARAGE

The majority of people visiting our site are primarily interested just in a single renovation: enclosing a carport to convert it to a garage. If you have no other renovations in mind and you simply want a fully enclosed garage built as a replacement for your existing carport, then click CONVERTING TO A GARAGE.

#2: Converting a carport to a ROOM

Occasionally, people with an attached carport wish to add more interior space to their home. So, they basically want our contractors to legally build a home addition out of a carport. However, if you just want a "mixed use" space that is legally a garage, click option A above. If you want the carport to legally become interior space (even if you want other renovations like the construction of a new carport elsewhere on your property), then click here now: CONVERTING TO A ROOM ADDITION. (That page is written for people who have a garage and want to convert it in to something else, which is almost the same as when starting with a carport.)

#3: RENOVATIONS + a new garage

If you do want to convert your carport to a garage, although that is just one item within a list of renovations that ideally you would like to all have handled by one contractor, then click this link and provide us some details of the different renovations that you are considering: MULTIPLE RENOVATIONS. (Note that our renovation estimators can EITHER give you independent estimates for each specific renovation that you would like to have done OR a single bid for the entire set of home improvements- like what you might need in order to take to a loan officer when applying for a 203k loan).

FAQs: Have questions about converting your carport in to a garage in Phoenix? Browse through these topics and select a topic to get more information.

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"If I am not sure whether or not I should have my carport enclosed, what benefits can I expect from hiring your contractors for the carport conversion?"

"What specific steps can I take to quickly and precisely identify the best company for me to hire to perform my carport conversion?"

"How fast can you start and how long until my new garage is built?"

"Do you offer financing? Will you help with planning & permits?"

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